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Hi Jon,

After our last call I implemented the following action:

Sent an email to the case officer who was calling me on my home phone, despite my instructions for all communications to be in writing, signed, with a return address.
Sent a letter (Registered Post, person-to-person, delivery confirmation required) to the dude who actioned the Departure Prohibition Order, and who had signed it, only full name and signature on any of their documents.
worked out that the docs that had been sent to me were all signed off as General Manager, Child Support Services (never with a signature though…)
so tracked down the man who acted in that role, and sent a letter to him (Registered Post, person-to-person, delivery confirmation required).

I got back the delivery confirmation, received and signed for the that dude on 29th April.

At the same time I received a letter from the General Manager (not signed) which states the Departure Prohibition Order was revoked because "you do not have a debt".

1 page letter did the trick!

Thanks heaps for the support Jon.

Blessings to you,

[name redacted]


hey jon:

i called Social Security today to get an idea of whether anything has been done to reverse the decision that was made regarding my benefits being stopped

i spoke with a woman not sure what her name was Mrs. White was all she would give me when I asked for her name i've asked for a name a couple of times in the past when speaking with representatives at SSA but i've been told that the reps aren't allowed to give their names

Mrs. White said that my account status shows to be active and there isn’t anything showing that the account is pending now. She also said that a previous record showing that i owed an amount of approximately $14,000 dollars in overpayment had been removed (i'm very familiar with what this overpayment amount is all about; it's the continued benefits that i discussed with karl: lentz on the conference call earlier this month)

i'm not sure if this means what it sound like, but if it does then i believe it's safe to say that something has caused carolyn: colvin to reverse her decision about her intent to trespass on my benefits

i wanted to let you know about this in order to keep you in the loop on this information

please let me know if you have any questions about this


[name redacted]



Last week we talked about how the manager at the job wanted me to take a pay cut. I talked with him last Friday and let him know it would be a breach of contract. He played me off and said he didn't know of any contractual agreements, but he said he would be willing to get me trained properly over a 60 day period, with me being evaluated every 15 days to see my progress. Sounded good, but was only a smokescreen.
Found out yesterday from a co-worker, a meeting was held with a lawyer, dept. manager and a couple of store managers to see what recourse they had to get rid of me. The lawyer had nothing for them, so all they could do was to keep me there.
Due to not being able to fire me, the person who hired me said he would train me starting next week at a different store. Same shit he said before and did not do. Since I don't trust them and can't stand the company I gave notice of my last day working there was yesterday.
Accepted another position with another company and start Monday.
Such a liberating feeling to know coming in as a man and making the right statement makes a huge difference in how we are treated.

Thanks again,

[name redacted]


This website information is so valuable it’s priceless, if i use this information correctly i will be guided down a path to toward my creator given life, a priceless life, a living man never again to live in fear, or to beg, or live in poverty, or bow to anyone. I will regain my status as a living man a status that was taken from me on the day i was born and registered a legal Person.

i am a living man equal to every other wo/man that lives.

as a living man i will prove this.

i for the first time can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I now wonder why i waited so long to join

Thank you every one,

[name redacted]